2 September 2013

A Serpent Written By Abdullah Mazhari

A Serpent

Commenting on the world, Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi (rahmatullah alayh) said: “Our Hadhrat Haaji Saheb (Hadhrat Imdaadullah, the Shaikh of Maulana Thaanvi - rahmatullah alayh) presented a wonderful similitude of the world. He said that the world is a serpent. Only he who knows the charm of subduing the serpent should take hold of it. We who are unaware of this charm, should remain aloof from it, for it will bite us. There is an imperative need to remain extremely alert is this worldly abode of trial and sorrow. The slightest carelessness results in the serpent’s strike.

Therefore, always supplicate (make dua) to Allah Ta’ala, and be steadfast in the activities of the Deen. Spend your entire life in this mujaahadah (struggle against the nafs) The world is a life-long journey. There is no hope of accomplishing this journey before the end of life. To entertain such a hope is indeed extremely unintelligent.” In this naseehat Hadhrat Hakimul Ummat says that it is a colossal deception to believe that the moral and spiritual journey can be terminated during this transitory life on earth. The struggle against the nafs is perpetual—as long as life lasts on earth. No one can afford to sit back and rest labouring under the impression that he has finally immobilized his nafs, hence the route of Mujaahadah has ended. Such an idea is a gigantic deception.


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