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MCB Account Details

Account Tittle:     Muhammad Rizwan / ARF

Bank Name:             MCB (Muslim Commercial Bank)

Bank Address:     Frere Road Sukkur

Account No:             0839-01-01002281-2

IBAN No:                     PK24 MUCB 00839 0101 0022 81-2

Meezan Bank Account Details

Account Tittle:      Muhammad Rizwan / ARF  
Bank Name:         Meezan  Bank Branch  
Bank Address:      Station Road Sukkur.

Account No:              1701-0100501849

IBAN No:                    PK78 MEZN 0017 0101 0050 1849

To make a general donation, simply contact your bank to transfer your funds directly to our bank account. Thank you again, on behalf of everybody who will benefit from your support.

Your Donation Will Be Spent Where Most 

Needed To Help Those in Poverty


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Introduction About Al-Rizwan Foundation Pakistan


Support Al Rizwan Foundation With Your Donations. Atiyat. Sadqat. Zakat

Provide all Basic Facility to Our Helpless People.

1. Provide Basic Education.
2. Propegation (Nashar-o-Ashiat) Quran Pak. Qurani Qaide Etc. Islamic Books
3. Halal Food.
4. Health Care
5. Provide Clean Water to Needy People {Handpump} Boring
6. Giving Money to Poor People
7. Orphan Marriage Jehaz {Girls}